I m a June girl I cant control women lady shirt

I’m a June girl I can’t control women shirt, hoodie, tank top

For a lot of men, women in the workplace are a threat to them and their fragile egos. They need to keep women pregnant, and tied to children and a home, and completely financially dependent on them, so they can get away with their horrible behaviors.

I m a June girl I cant control women shirt

The agenda is that if population control which is forwarding the Wall Street global elites and the Rothschilds goal to create the New World Order where there will only “the Haves” and “HaveNots” of which would you think we here at the bottom of the bottom of the economic scale be?? For those of you who only deal within conspiracies, David Rockefeller just before he passed away made it clear that this was the plan (which can be found on the internet). It’s disturbing to me that access to birth control is now becoming as difficult in this country as in some much poorer countries. This is how the far right is trying to keep women down. It isn’t a moral issue for them. It’s a power issue. All women, no matter where they live have the right to their own bodies and reproductive decisions.

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