Majestically awkward lady shirt

Majestically awkward shirt

Love flamingos. There is a fascinating documentary called “The Crimson Wing” if you are a fan of flamingos. So beautiful creation of nature! I have met some of them on Galapagos Islands. And if they don’t get enough shrimp, they turn white again. Got one here that was snow white during winter.

Majestically awkward shirt

To put it more correctly- flamingoes don’t eat the shrimp themselves as they ( the shrimp) don’t live in shallow waters. These birds eat algae and small crabs which contain carotenoids – substances colored pink. Hence, flamingos turn pink, too. Majestically awkward. If you love animals, respect them all and perceive in their eyes the suffering of living in a cage, to be cuddled and finally gagged means to be reduced, I am happy to be late then! In Italian, it means being empathic and they do not tolerate any kind of violence on them! For me, there are no standard A and B series animals.

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