April woman the soul of a mermaid lady shirt

April woman the soul of a mermaid shirt

No matter how fantastic this is going to sound. This article and videos are going to deal with the fact that Mermaids which is up to now, a mythological creature with a human head and body, and a fish tail instead of feet exist`s or not. Do they exist? I don`t know that. But I […]

Black queen Nubia are born in January shirt

I cannot stand it when people bully people over their appearance as if it’s their fault for what they look like? I mean seriously people shame others as if they purposely looked like that purely to piss them off! Black queen are born in January shirt I just don’t understand this whole concept of color. […]

Fight like a yankee lady shirt

Fight like a yankee shirt, hoodie, youth tee

A warrior keeping on moving, despite the difficulties. Faith with intuition and love allow this. Gratitude to our blessed life. We’ve all traveled our particular “breast cancer” journey. None of the paths are desirable or preferred, we did what we had to do to stay alive. We are heroes, no matter how the rest of the […]

Its always sunny ugly christmas sweatshirt

Its always sunny ugly christmas sweatshirt

Miss you so much Mom and Dad. Holidays were changed forever once you were gone. Losing my father in law just a week ago makes the loss feel way too fresh all over again. As a family, we will make our way through it though. Merry Christmas to all Its always sunny ugly christmas sweater […]

My level of sarcasm is to a point guy shirt

My level of sarcasm is to a point shirt

Having been sick for days now and still too sick to dance, yeah I do wanna move. I miss moving without discomfort or struggle. So many comments I have seen in the past couple days skimming through some of the reposts of my videos and on original posts are about “my belly”. My level of […]

Majestically awkward lady shirt

Majestically awkward shirt

Love flamingos. There is a fascinating documentary called “The Crimson Wing” if you are a fan of flamingos. So beautiful creation of nature! I have met some of them on Galapagos Islands. And if they don’t get enough shrimp, they turn white again. Got one here that was snow white during winter. Majestically awkward shirt To put […]

Level of savage Taurus guy shirt

Level of savage Taurus shirt, hoodie, v-neck tee

My dad’s not that aggressive. He’s the most caring person I’ve met. He’s a Taurus, though often times I really want to kill him because of his stubbornness. Though I can be very stubborn being a Scorpio, he’s is just beyond my comprehension. Level of savage Taurus shirt Taurus is stubborn. I fight for what is […]

I fell in love with the man who died for me lady shirt

I fell in love with the man who died for me shirt

Love u forever my beautiful wife. Thank you for everything and most of all thank you for being a great mommy to my baby boy and my fur baby! We made our life just as we talked about when we were young! We can definitely say our dreams come true! I fell in love with […]

Is fuck off an emotion guy shirt

Is fuck off an emotion shirt and hoodie

If you love someone and you failed, never blame your heart. The heart responsibility is to pump in order to supply blood to our body. Now if you have knowledge in anatomy I am sure you will blame the hypothalamus that controls your emotion, that will be definitely wrong. Is fuck off an emotion shirt […]

I m a June girl I cant control women lady shirt

I’m a June girl I can’t control women shirt, hoodie, tank top

For a lot of men, women in the workplace are a threat to them and their fragile egos. They need to keep women pregnant, and tied to children and a home, and completely financially dependent on them, so they can get away with their horrible behaviors. I m a June girl I cant control women […]